Linking Upstream Determinants to Downstream Interventions — Targeting Health Disparities & Health Equity

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Changing Health Equity is Like Remodeling Your Kitchen

Health Disparities Announcement — Remodeling a kitchen is one of the single most important investments that increases the value of our homes. This remodeling strategy requires determining priorities, establishing the cost/benefit ratio and impact to increase the value of our homes. Likewise, these same tactics should be employed as we examine the priorities of remodeling our health systems and population participation that shape health trajectories and mitigate health disparities…read more »

Is Equity in Health Important?

Health Disparities Announcement — Your work matters in ways not always visible to you, but in ways that truly matter…in the lives of those most in need…read more »

Places to Go and People to Meet

Health Disparities Announcement — Join us for opportunities to collaborate with organizations and institutions making a difference in advancing health equity. 1Joshua Group is a primary resource for clinical, basic, and community engagement programming…read more »

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