Linking Upstream Determinants to Downstream Interventions — Targeting Health Disparities & Health Equity

2019 Program Agenda

This meeting has ended. Thank you for your interest in the XULA-COP 12th Health Disparities Conference.

Previous conference attendee evaluations indicated that the abstract podium presentations enhanced the effectiveness of the conference and helped to stimulate discussions surrounding community centered, basic, and clinical research; and health policy. Evaluations, most importantly, indicated that presentations initiated discussions on the inclusion of interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaborations between community, academic and other resource partners. Our planning committee continues to build on this momentum as we develop content for the 2020 Conference.

The 2019 Health Disparities Conference was designed to:

  • Provide an overview of upstream and downstream approaches to preventing health disparities across the life course;
  • Examine the role of the natural, built, social, and policy environments in promoting and/or sustaining health disparities across the life course;
  • Review downstream strategies for preventing health disparities across the life course; and
  • Make recommendations that advance the integration of upstream and downstream approaches and improve health equity at both an individual and population level.

Tailored to attendees' interests around community-centered basic and clinical research and health policy, this conference program was designed to highlight excellence in research and public health models that are sustainable, replicable, culturally appropriate, and that contribute to health equity.